Exhibitor Profile


Institutions specialized in new technologies in archeology

Open space management organizations, archea parks, open air museum servicess

Digital documentation, 3D, virtual media technology

Archeological equipment establishments and chemicals

Experimental archeology, technical training service providers

Restoration project implementation instutions

Nanotechnology and related organizations

Documentation and related organizations

Maintenance, repair and related organizations

Museum space and exhibition design project services

Lighting and security systems

Companies of visual media and technology

Organizations providing services in art and technology

Mobile museum implementation

Virtual reality and augmented reality firms

Librarianship and archiving technologies

Database development and documentation technologies

Storage technologies

Companies provide services in modern museology

Companies serves in museums and children interaction

Database improving and documentation technologies

Archiving Technologies

Companies serving on the effect of global branding on local heritage

E-museum configuration services

Consulting companies serve in cultural heritage management