Heritage Istanbul 2022
Closed Its Door Successfully!
The 6th HERITAGE ISTANBUL hosted over
120 participants, 32 of whom were from abroad
at the İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Congress
and Exhibition Center between 11-13 May.

Heritage İstanbul 2022 Closed Its Door Successfully!

HERITAGE ISTANBUL 2022, the conservation, restoration, archeology, museology and librarianship fair and conference, which adopted the target of increasing awareness and protecting cultural heritage as a social mission, aims to develop products, services and technologies in accordance with this mission. Heritage İstanbul hosted colorful events, such as conferences, talks and workshops for three days and brought together experts in their fields with cultural heritage enthusiasts.

The opening ceremony of HERITAGE ISTANBUL, which is supported by most important stakeholders of the sector such as the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorare of Foundations of Turkey, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Marmara Municipalities Union was attended by the Republic of Turkey Minister of Culture and Tourism, H.E. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Republic of Turkey Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Ambassador of Italy in Turkey H.E. Giorgio Marrapodi, Director of the Economy and Trade Office of the Italian Embassy/Commercial Attaché—Gianluca Guerriero, Director of ITA Riccardo Landi, Economic and Commercial Attachè at the Consulate General of Italy Giovanni Turturiello, Director of Italian Culture Institute Salvatore Schirmo, Kourosh Jafari from the Iranian Consulate General, Kosovo Consul General Petrit Prekazi, Indian Consul General Sudhi Choudhary, and Kuwait Consul General Mohammad F. M. F. Almohammad. 

In HERITAGE ISTANBUL Conference and Heritage Talks, 117 speakers in 50 sessions, and in workshops, 10 trainers in 8 sessions met with cultural heritage enthusiasts for 3 days. In the HERITAGE ISTANBUL conference, there were 5 keynote speakers and a total of 75 speakers in 26 sessions. The companies participating in the fair had more than 60 private meetings as part of the B2B organization.

The fair hosted experts, important representatives of the public and private sector, academicians, officials of municipalities that carry out exemplary works on the excavation and protection of cultural heritage, and world-renowned museum and library architects in its compact calendar, which lasted for three days. Some prominent names that attended HERITAGE ISTANBUL conferences were: Republic of Turkey Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Historian, Academician, Writer Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı, Turkish National Commission for UNESCO Natural Sciences Expert Committee Chair Prof. Dr. Nizamettin Kazancı, Turkish National Commission for UNESCO Tangible Heritage Expert Committee Vice-Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aktüre, Academic Architect MA, Boris Micka Associates Founder and Creative Principal Boris Micka, Atelier Brückner Founding Partner Shirin Frangoul-Brückner, IFLA President Barbara Lison, 360+ Media Interactive Technologies Founding President of Agency and Founding Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Women at Technology Association Zehra Öney.

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, Bergama Mayor Hakan Koştu, Gebze Deputy Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz, Amasra Mayor Recai Çakır took part as speakers at the conferences to protect and inherit cultural heritage with successful renovation works in the provinces and districts.

The local seismic isolation and earthquake emergency response system made of composite carbon fiber fabric with zero carbon footprint, which is an innovative material in green energy used in the air defense industry, met with interested parties at HERITAGE ISTANBUL. In the 6th HERITAGE ISTANBUL, several innovative approaches were taken. Straw, which can be considered a cultural heritage, stood out once more due to its energy saving and environmental friendly potential. At Heritage İstanbul, VR in hearing systems, special materials for restoration and renovations, video productions prepared in sign language for the hearing-impaired visitors, audio descriptions specially designed for the visually impaired visitors and the sound systems with Braille Alphabet on the keys of the audio guidance devices were provided for a visitor experience that overcomes obstacles.In addition, inventory archiving systems, which provide global services in their own field, were also presented to the attention of the visitors at the fair.The 6th HERITAGE ISTANBUL hosted over 120 participants, 32 of whom were from abroad at the Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center between 11-13 May. HERITAGE ISTANBUL, in which Italian companies participated as a pavilion also hosted exhibitors from different countries, such as Belgium, Sweden, Nigeria, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.


The previous edition of the Heritage Istanbul Fair & Conference, achieving once again to bring together the conservation, restoration, archaeology, museum and technologies industries, was appreciated with the utmost interest of the industry professionals and cultural heritage enthusiasts!

Moreover, the Heritage events simultaneously offer the participants to exchange ideas and generate insightful discussions with the guidance of the significant figures in the industry, and create a fruitful environment for B2B meetings among business professionals.

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