Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Why Exhibit?

Expand your network

Meet international professionals working in museum and exhibition design, interactive and visual media technologies for museums, security and exhibition systems, conservation and restoration in museums, lighting design, database, archiving and documentation technologies and all the other relevant branches of museum and exhibition technologies.

Take a step forward in your business

Abu Dhabi is designed to be an international destination for new collaborations where business is incentivized by the government. Meet potential clients and create a network for fresh business opportunities in an international hub of leading museologists, museum designers, architects, art historians, conservators and other museum and exhibition professionals.

Make a difference with your brand

The Heritage Middle East is where you can showcase new technologies, practices and improvements in the museology and exhibition sector. Become one of the key players in the cultural heritage sector by exhibiting your products and services at one of the most prestigious culture fairs around the world and reach over 62 exhibitors and close to 2.857 visitors.

Discover the new developments in the industry and exchange ideas with academicians and professionals

Discover the latest developments and innovations, methods, techniques and technologies that shape the industry. Exchange ideas with government authorities, academicians, and professionals in the fair ground, panels and presentations to promote your new projects, products and services to the sector.