Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Exhibitor Profile

Museum Technologies

  • Museum Interior Architecture and Exhibition 
  • Design Project Services
  • Visual Media and Technology  Museums
  • Mobile Museum Applications
  • Virtual Reality Applications
  • Lighting and Security Systems
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Building and Construction Companies
  • Infrastructure, Mechanical and Technical 
  • Services and Equipment Firms

Librarianship And Archiving Technologies

  • Archiving and Digital Solutions
  • Information, Document Management and Storage Systems
  • Library Automation Systems
  • E-Libraries, Digitalization in Documentation


  • Local Government Institutions, Archaeoparks, 
  • Open Air Museum Services
  • Digital Documentation, 3d, Virtual Environment in Archeology Technologies
  • New Technologies in Archaeology

Natural Heritage

  • Management Systems for Natural Heritage Sites 
  • Natural and Cultural Landscape Design Projects
  • Surveillance and Security Systems 
  • Aerial Photography and Drone Technology
  • Media Presentation   
  • Education Technology 
  • Content Creation and Production  
  • Multi-Technology
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Lighting
  • Unified Communications
  • Digital Signage

Cultural Tourism

  • National Development Agencies
  • Historical Areas, National Parks
  • Cultural tourism promotion agencies and NGOs
  • Travel Agencies

Restoration, Maintenance & Repair

  • Restoration Technologies and Technological Equipment
  • Documentation Methods
  • Restoration Materials and Construction Chemicals