Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Cultural Heritage Platforms

CULTURAL HERITAGE PLATFORMS brand, set out with the motto “Give a future to the past”, embraces all of the culture industry with various forms.

HERITAGE ISTANBUL is one of the most important cultural heritage exhibitions around the world with its astonishing figures through many years.

HERITAGE MIDDLE EAST – Abu Dhabi, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates, and HERITAGE TURQUOISE – Tashkent, that will be organized in Uzbekistan in 2024, have critical place for the sector due to their geographical importance and their distinct emphasis on the museum architecture and cultural heritage.

In addition to these organizations, with the HERITAGE MAGAZINE, that is regularly published 3 times in a year and the HERITAGE GLOBAL web portal where innovations and latest technologies will be presented in the international arena, the CULTURAL HERITAGE PLATFORMS, with the valuable contributions of international collaborations; continue to reconstruct the concept of cultural heritage since 2015. Heritage platforms, as members of the European Heritage Fairs- HERIFAIRS-, have become a global brand today and form the only organizational chain of Turkey’s cultural heritage arena. Moreover, bearing in mind the HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS, which will take place in Bodrum at December 2024, the platform aims to go beyond its identity as a sectoral organization and turn into an event where cultural heritage values are conveyed to the whole public.

For more information: info@expoheritage.com