Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

2019 Speakers

Heritage Middle East 2019


Alex Susanna
Expona Museum Exhibition Network CEO

Boris Micka
Founder of Boris Micka Associates

Claire Delalande
Managing Directress of Yusit

Cord-Hinrich Grote
Senior Project Manager of Atelier Brückner GmbH

Khaled Tadmori
Elected Member of the City Council of Tripoli-Chairman of Heritage&Historical; Monuments Sub-Committee

Jan Imberi
Creative Producer Tamschick Media+Space

Jasper Hunnekens
Creative Producer Tamschick Media+Space

Luc Piralla
Deputy Director of Louvre-Lens Museum

Maysoon Abdul Ghany Mousa Alnahar
Archaeologist of the University of Jordan

Uwe R. Brückner
Founder and Creative Director of Atelier Brückner

Petra Rotthoff
Director of Exhibitions of MuseumsPartner GmbH

Wafaa Maadnous
Managing Director of Louvre Lens Vallée