Heritage Middle East gains ground on becoming a center for culture and art where new collaborations are made and the business is guided. Heritage Middle East Culture Field includes all the actors which bring the important museums and artistic activities around the World. On the other hand, Heritage Middle East remain untouched for the museology sector. Therefore Heritage Middle East is defined as a promising destination for museology and exhibiting sectors.

Heritage Middle East Cultural District with all the reasons mentioned above is designed to be an international destination for introducing the new technologies, implementations and improvements on museology and exhibiting sector.

Take your place in the Heritage Middle East 2019 in order to meet the authorities from the public and private sector organizations, to follow the sector-oriented systems, methods, techniques and technologies, to be aware of innovations and developments, to be involved in the exchange of ideas between academicians and professionals, and to be informed about the issues that are on the agenda in the world with the help of academic presentations and panels, to promote your new projects and products to the sector and to provide commercial collaborations.