18-20 March 2020 │ Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre – ICEC/ Rumeli Fair & Exhibition Hall

Hilton Istanbul hosts successful and unforgettable events at its location in the heart of Istanbul. Fair ground connected to the hotel can be reached via walk path. It has 2 doors and can hold more then 3000 people, and 1480 sqm floor space for main exhibitions, conferences, fairs, award ceremonies, premier dinners and production promotions. First floor can be divided in three sections which has more than 1475 sqm. Second floor is 1344 sqm and at open (no columns) with an exhibit area. Air Conditioning, background music, stereo systems, microphone, amplification, stage equipment, banquet/conference furniture, carpet flooring, easy Access to both floors, an elevator with a capacity of 5000 kgs, spot lightings, TV screens and projectors, projection rooms, LCD projectors, piping void grid systems, telephone, translating rooms and projection room equipment are other benefits of this fair ground.

Public transportation vehicles provide direct access to the Harbiye from many central locations such as Taksim, Eminönü and Mecidiyeköy. Harbiye bus stop is about 5 minutes walk from Hilton İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Center.

Metrobus is a very advantageous transportation option especially for people who want to come to Hilton İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Center from the Asian Side. The following lines can be used to reach Mecidiyeköy station by Metrobus: 34Z Söğütlüçeşme-Zincirlikuyu and 34A Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar.

Time and fees for those who want to come to Hilton İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Center from the airports by taxi are as follows: İstanbul Airport (European Side) 75-90 minutes / 120 TL, Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Asian Side) 60 minutes / 100 TL *Prices may change.

Minibus is an affordable and easy transportation for short distance routes. The minibuses departing from the Beşiktaş Ferry Pier carries passengers up to Harbiye Street. Harbiye minibus station is 5 minutes walking distance from Hilton İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Center.

Havaist from İstanbul Airport and Havabus from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport provide transportation to Taksim. (Between 10-20 TL)